Police Still Searching for Suspects of Deadly Burayu Violence

By Mhret G/Kristos
ADDIS ABEBA – Police are still looking for at least 23 suspects involved in deadly violence in Burayu town late last year, said ministry of peace.

About 85 suspects of the total 108 suspects that are said to be behind ethnically charged conflict are in police custody.

The violence in the town located near the capital made thousands homeless while scores lost their lives.

Inter-ethnic conflict and violence have led to large scale displacement in Ethiopia in the past twelve months with reports saying over two million people are internally displaced.

Minister of Peace Muferiat Kamil told members of parliament that many individuals – suspected of inciting conflicts and violence- are still at large.

Several investigations are being conducted to collect evidences and most of them are taking times, she said.
This has created a leeway for suspects not to be apprehended and charged in time, Muferiat added.

Muferiat also decries certain officials of regional states that are hesitant to hand over suspects that are wanted for crimes they committed.

“We are working hard to arrest every of criminals participated on the violence,” she said adding her ministry is currently working with International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol to apprehend those who are already outside of Ethiopia.

Muferiat said this while presenting her ministry’s nine months report to the parliament on Tuesday.

The report says about 4043 suspects are under investigation for criminal offences.

Additional 2276 are expected to be charged for their involvement in various deadly conflicts across the country.
Their files have been sent to the general attorney’s office, said the report.

Apart from bringing suspects to justice, ministry of peace is also working to repatriate the displaced people to their home.

About one million people have so far been repatriated to their home town, Muferiat claimed, adding several peace conferences in the country have helped to resolve issues permanently.

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