Picture of Album's cover. Jorga Mesfin releases his 'The Kindest One' Ethio-Jazz album today.
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Jorga Mesfin’s Ethio-Jazz Album ‘The Kindest One’ Out

ADDIS ABABA – Jorga Mesfin, one of the top contemporary musicians in the world of Ethio Jazz, released his album, ‘The Kindest One,’ today.

The album was unveiled at the Addis Jazz Festival, which opened in Addis Ababa on Friday.

A protege of Mulatu Astatke, Mesfin’s album delves deep into Ethio-jazz, blending spiritual experimentation with elements from Ethiopian music and jazz.

“It symbolizes my profound relationship with God, who has granted me the gift of life and blessings to pursue music,” Jorga said while reflecting on ‘The Kindest One’.

Jorga Mesfin’s musical journey began at just 12 when he started taking piano lessons.

He, however, became a full time musician in 2006 after finishing his MA in Chemistry at Emory University in the US.

His musical journey since has led to collaborations with the father of Ethio Jazz, Mulatu Astatke, as well as top Ethiopian artists including Mahmoud Ahmed, Aster Aweke, Tsegaye Gebremedhin, and many more.

Beyond the stage, Mesfin, the co-founder of Ethio-jazz group Wudasse, has made a significant impact in film composition, contributing to acclaimed Ethiopian movies such as ‘Teza,’ ‘Min Alesh,’ and ‘Qurangaye.’

Jorga Mesfin’s works earned him awards including Best Music Selection at the Carthage Film Festival and the Best Composer Award at the Dubai International Film Festival.

His newly released work, ‘The Kindest One,’ was recorded during a home concert in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2007.

It “is a testament to an improvised musical exploration shared with kind and generous friends”, record label Muzikawi says.

Today, Music fans get the opportunity to watch Jorga in action on the album release at the African Jazz Village, Muzikawi’s flagship event, and on digital streaming platforms.