Ethiopia Obtains One Billion USD from Ten-month Coffee Export

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has earned a billion US dollars from its coffee exports in the first ten months of the 2023/25 financial ending in June, says head of the sector regulator.

The revenue figure has shown an improvement as compared to similar months last year due to a surge in the volume of coffee shipped to the global market.

In a statement on Thursday, General Director of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Adugna Debela said he was “very much privileged to share that our coffee sale to the international market has seen a substantial increase”.

A total of 209,000 tons of coffee has been shipped to the global market over the past ten months, generating one billion US dollars, reports Adugna.

“This surge in export is attributed to a new market option that has eliminated unnecessary steps in the supply chain,” the General Director said.

According to him, the country exported 29,000 tons more coffee compared to the same period in the preceding 2022/23 fiscal year during a total of 240,000 tons of beans valued at $1.3 billion supplied to the global market.

However, the ten month export performance shows that the Authority’s ambition to make record $1.7 billion earnings off the commodity this year is unlikely to be met.

Ethiopia, the world’s third-largest Arabica coffee producer behind Brazil and Colombia, relies on earnings from the crop as a major source of foreign exchange. The country also consumes half of what it produces.