Ethiopian Rewards Newlywed Employees with Exclusive Honeymoon Getaway

Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s leading airline, announced the awarding of a special honeymoon package to three lucky employee couples.

This initiative, the airlines says, underscores the company’s commitment to celebrating and rewarding the personal milestone of its staff.

Group CEO Mesfin Tasew also expressed his delight, saying: “We are more than an airline; we are a family.:

“By granting these honeymoon packages, we honor the love and dedication of our employees, not just to each other but also to our great company.”

In a splendid ceremony held at the luxurious Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, a pair of newlyweds, accompanied by their relatives and distinguished members of the Ethiopian Airlines Group’s executive team, commemorated their nuptials.

Following the festivities, the couple embarked on a journey to Zanzibar.

“SSuch initiatives reinforce the sense of unity and appreciation we foster here at Ethiopian Airlines,” sa8d Tekalign Terfasa, President of the Ethiopian Airlines Group Primary Basic Trade Union.

“It’s a reflection of our continuous efforts in human resource development and employee welfare,” he added.

The selected couples will enjoy a three-day romantic getaway to Zanzibar, organized by Ethiopian Holidays.

The package includes airport transfers, luxurious accommodations, meals, and a range of entertainment activities, all designed to create unforgettable memories for the newlyweds.

The package was made possible through partnerships with Ethiopian Skylight Hotel and Blueberry Travel.