Electric Power Export Generates $47.5 Million

Ethiopia has secured 47.5 million US Dollars from electric power export to its neighboring countries, its state-owned power-producing company says.

Currently, Ethiopia sells electricity to three of its neighbors Djibouti, Sudan, and Kenya, with which it established power connections over a year ago.

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) supplied a total of 762.8 Gigawatt-Hours of electricity to three nations in the past six months.

This energy export trade generated $47.5 million in revenue, EEP’s director of sales and customers administration Minilik Getahun said in a statement Wednesday. The plan was to export 1082 Gigawatt-hours of electric energy valued at $66.27 million.

The half-year energy export shows a 15 percent increase as compared to similar months last year but falls short of the state-owned power-producing company’s target for the period attaining only 71.7% of its plan.

EEP’s Sales Bureau director Minilik said that the company produced enough electricity to supply to the neighboring markets. But its export performance was dented by the fluctuating demand from Sudan and Kenya sides.

Ethiopian Electric Power managed to achieve 92.3% of its plan of export to Djibouti which imported electricity worth $19.2 Million from its eastern neighbor.

Sudan and Kenya, meanwhile, bought Ethiopian electricity valued at $8 million and $20.1 million, respectively, which were lower than EEP’s sales plan of $11.8 million and $33.5 million.

Although Djibouti and Sudan are established buyers, Kenya started importing Ethiopian electricity last year. Ethiopian Electric Power now has a plan to start supplying electricity to Tanzania soon.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told parliamentarians that the negotiation with Tanzania over the electric power supply agreement is at final stages. The development will put Ethiopia on track to embark on exporting energy to a nation with which it does not share a territorial border.

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