Children walking to school in Addis ababa. The 8th-grade Ministry exam serves as the second cycle assessment of the students in Ethiopia's current education system.

Grade 8 Ministry Exam: 70.6% of Students Score Passing Mark in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa education bureau announced results for the 8th Grade Ministry exam of the 2022/23 academic year.

The 8th-grade exam is the second-round assessment of the students in Ethiopia’s current education system. In Addis Ababa, more than 74,000 students from both regular night education programs sat for the exam this year.

At least 70.6 percent of the total examinees have scored 50 percent and above, the city’s education bureau disclosed on Saturday.

The regular program saw more students score better results in the exam. More than 50, 800 – or 82 percent – of the total 61,800 students in the program scored 50 percent and above.

“In general, this year’s result has shown an improvement as compared to the previous one,” Director of the education bureau Zelalem Mulatu said. The overall passing rate last year was 63.9%.

Zelalem attributed this year’s improvement to additional efforts made at various levels ranging from schools and their teachers preparing their students with more model tests and supplementary classes to the school feeding program.

The city education bureau says those who scored 50 percent would pass to high school. The cutoff point for students with disabilities is also set at 40 percent.

To check their results students are advised to take the following steps

  1. Visit the website –
  2. Enter registration number


The primary school exit exam was administered in June ahead of another national grade 6th exam which serves as the first cycle assessment in the Ethiopian education system.

In the capital, about 75, 00 6th-grade students took the exam. Its results will be announced earlier next week, the education bureau says.

The Ministry of Education reintroduced the 6-2-4 education system four years ago, scrapping the previous 8-year-long primary schooling and grade 10th national exam.

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