Addis Ababa’s Rent Hike Ban Extended for Six More Months

Landlords in the capital have been barred from arbitrarily increasing rent prices as well as eviction for another six months, the city administration said.

The city cabinet decided to renew its temporary ban on Monday after the deadline for the previous three-month long restrictions expired on July 7.

The regulation that allows city officials to control rent was introduced in August 2021 to stabilize the cost of living for residents.

The legislation has since been used to extend the restrictions every three months.

Again, “apart from those made based on personal consent, any other form of rent hike or eviction has been banned for next six months,” the administration said Monday.

The decision extends the restrictions period until the first week of January, 2024. It comes weeks after city officials issued a warning to some property owners to refrain from jacking up rent prices, giving the roof and wall tax as an excuse.