City council extended the ban imposed on housing rent increase and evictions during its regular session in March, 2023.

City Admin tells Landlords to Refrain from Increasing Rent

ADDIS ABABA – The city administration of Addis Ababa has issued a warning to landlords raising rent following the newly enacted roof and wall tax.

The city administration has already put in place a ban on increasing rent and evicting tenants until 7th of July 2023.

“Our recent follow up has found out.. some property owners are raising rent on tenants giving the roof and wall tax as an excuse,” the city administration said Tuesday.

This increase, it says, violates the regulation issued by the city council, telling landlords to refrain from increasing rent prices or evicting tenants until the deadline.

The regulation to restrict evictions and rent fee hikes was introduced in August 2021, with the possibility of extending it every 90 days.

The regulation which was meant to stabilize the rising cost of living on residents has since been extended for several times. The recent three-month extension was announced in March, 2023.