MoTI: No Price Change on Fuel for June

ADDIS ABABA – Fuel prices will remain unchanged for the month of July, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration disclosed Monday.

The Ministry assesses the fuel prices to make an adjustment on a monthly basis based on a change in the global market.

On Monday, it says the tariff will remain unchanged for the next 30 days beginning Tuesday June 6, 2023.

Accordingly, the retail price of benzene stays at 69.52 Birr per liter while a liter of white naphtha and kerosene remain at 71.15 Birr.

The retail prices of light black naphtha and heavy black naphtha also are 57.97 Birr and 56.63 Birr a liter, respectively. The jet fuel is also being sold at 65.35 Birr a liter.

The retail price adjustment is a part of the government’s plan to phase out fuel subsidies for all but public transport services.

There are 1, 250 gas stations in the country providing services for close to two million vehicles through the digital payment system.