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Ethio Telecom to Set Up More Smart Classrooms for AAU

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has signed a partnership deal with Addis Ababa University, allowing it to provide connectivity and digital services including setting up more smart classrooms for the AAU.

The strategic partnership agreement was signed by AAU’s President Tasew Woldehana (Prof) and Ethio Telecom’s CEO Frehiwot Tamru on Wednesday.

The signing comes days after the duo in collaboration with the Ministry of Education established the first smart classroom at the Sidist Kilo campus of the University.

According to newly signed agreement, Ethio Telecom will interconnect 18 campuses of the AAU with high bandwidth, highly secured and protection route or wavelength service.

The telco says it will establish smart classrooms and supply devices and terminals on contract based installment for the university community.

The deal will also enable AAU to settle educational payments such as registration, exam, application, tuition fee, and other related service payments via telebirr digital payment system.

The two institutions also agreed to strengthen their working ties in research and innovation as well as increase partnership in knowledge and experience sharing on a range of respective fields.

Previously, the duo jointly designed a curriculum, enabling the AAU to offer a tailored master’s program in Telecom Network Engineering, and Telecom Information Systems.

More than 150 Ethio telecom professionals have so far graduated from the program in the three consecutive rounds.