Smoke rises in Khartoum's sister city, Omdurman, near Halfaya Bridge, during clashes between the RSF and Sudan's army (Photo Reuters)

AU Calls on Sudan’s Fighting Parties to Observe Ceasefire over Eid

The African Union Commission chairperson Faki Mahamat has urged the fighting parties in Sudan to observe a ceasefire over Eid holiday.

Sudan’s army and the paramilitary group (the RSF) have been fighting for the past six days in a bitter power struggle.

The escalating situation has been a subject of an urgent ministerial meeting called by the AUC Chair and attended by top officials of the UN, IGAD, Arab League, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

The participants called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire for Eid el Fitr, says the AUC chief.

It will help “to address the immediate urgent needs of the population caught in the crossfire of the continued and unacceptable violence currently underway,” he added.

The violence has caused widespread suffering, with Sudanese people stranded in their homes unable to access adequate food and clean water.

The leader of RFS has told Al Jazeera today that he has no objection to a ceasefire over Eid. His comment comes after two consecutive days of failed humanitarian ceasefires.

Sudan has been run by a council of generals, led by the leader of the army and the head of the RSF since the 2021 coup.