Ethiopost Agrees to Handle All Parcel, Mail Logistics for Supreme Court

The National Postal service of Ethiopia, Ethiopost, has agreed to handle all postal and parcel logistics for Ethiopian Federal Supreme Courts.

Ethiopost’s CEO Hanna Arayaselassie and President of the Federal Supreme Courts signed the partnership agreement on Saturday.

The agreement tasks Ethiopost to provide an array of services, including taking care of all parcel and mail logistics for the courts.

Supreme court President Tewodros spoke very highly of the new collaboration at the signing, stating it will allow the courts to realize the vision of expanding access and engagement, increasing satisfaction and trust in the courts systems.

Ethiopost’s CEO Hanna Arayaselassie echoed these thoughts.

“We are honored to be trusted to handle this task; we do not take lightly the sensitivity and necessity of the task at hand,” she noted.