Abrehot Library Gets over 930 Children's Books Support from France
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Abrehot Library Gets over 930 Children’s Books Support from France

The Grand Abrehot Public Library in Addis Ababa has received 932 francophone children’s books donations from the government of France.

The handover event took place at Abrehot Library on Monday to commemorate the International Day of La Francophonie.

Head of Cooperation at the Embassy, Sophie Makame, said the donation was a response to the request made by Abrehot library’s management who are opening up foreign language corners at the facility.

The support is part of an initiative, ‘French, an asset for the employability of young people in Ethiopia,” which aims to promote literary dialogue between Ethiopian languages and French, as per the embassy.

The project resulted in the acquisition of over 900 new children’s books in different languages, including French.

It also included the translation into French of five books by Ethiopian authors.

“The donation of French children’s books to the Abrehot Library is an important milestone for this project, as it will enrich the library’s collection and provide Ethiopian children with access to quality French literature,” the embassy said.

The books would also boost the Abrehot Library’s management effort to create a space dedicated to foreign language literature.

Inaugurated in January last year, the Addis Ababa University (AAU)-managed Library is currently among the biggest libraries in Africa.

AAU President Prof Tassew Woldehanna said over 4,000 people from all walks of life, mostly young people, are using the library on a daily basis.

“We have many diplomats from French speaking African countries as Ethiopia is the head of the African Union,” he said, adding the books will give many readers the opportunity to enjoy and learn from the French literature at Abrehot.

Abrehot, meaning ‘Enlightenment’, is located in front of the Parliament Hall at Arat Kilo.

The 4-storey facility is equipped with 1.5km long shelves that are capable of holding 1.4 million books and can accommodate more than 2,000 users at a time.