Addis Ababa City Council Endorses 10 Appointments

Addis Ababa City Council Endorses 10 Appointments

The Addis Ababa City council has endorsed nominees for 10 new top positions of the administration.

The council approved the appointments in its third regular session of the year on Wednesday.

The endorsement saw Dr. Jemal Jenberu become the head of the Green Beautification and Development bureau with the rank of deputy mayor.

Adem Nuri replaced Mulugeta Tefera as head of the Revenue Bureau of the administration.

The mayor’s office says Biniyam Mikru was appointed as chief of the trade bureau while Abduilkadir Redwan got the top post at the Finance Bureau of the city.

Ayalew Melaku also became the head of the Land administration and appeal hearing council.

Abraham Tadesse became the head of the city’s Public Participation and voluntary services coordination office.

Belay Dejen was appointed as head of the city’s Youth and Sports Bureau while Habiba Siraj became chief of the city’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training agency.

Kassahun Gonfa was also put in charge of Addis Media Network (AMN), a metropolis city media that broadcasts ADDIS TV and FM 96.3, while Etalem Meles took up the top position at the Communications Bureau.

All the newly appointed officials were sworn in before the Addis Ababa City council.