Redfox Solutions to Build Data Centre in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Redfox Solutions Group on Tuesday launched a major project to build Ethiopia’s first private Data Center in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The data center is expected to go operational in September 2021, the group’s officials announced during launching event – attended by  State Minister of Finance Eyob Tekalgn.

Speaking to IT professionals and investors attending the launching event, State Minister Eyob said having the right kind of digital infrastructure will be of paramount importance to support Ethiopia’s ever-growing economy.

“They say data is the new oil but I see it as the blood that runs through the veins of a thriving digital economy. In this respect, it is my belief that Redfox data center will significantly contribute to building Ethiopia’s digital economy lifting up the ecosystem and overall accelerating the digital transformation of the country,” Eyob said.

The State Minister also spoke about the cloud technology’s potential to lead a technological revolution that will drive economic development and inclusive growth.

And  he said the government “recognizes the growing demand for global cloud-based services and as the country builds cloud-friendly regulations; it is anticipated that the data center market will be a key factor for driving growth in Ethiopia”.

Redfox Solutions Group say the data center will have paramount importance towards the country’s aspiration of creating a digital economy besides creating jobs and bringing in revenues.

“We already have our infrastructure being built. So we are going to be operational in September if other things are going to go as we planned. Of course, there some components number one power and connectivity,” CEO of the Group, Adane Kassay, said.

RedFox was founded by Ethiopian-Diaspora Professionals with multiple years of experience in the areas of Telecom and Information Technology.

In addition to its Core-Site, RedFox also offers off-premise, secure, certified designs, and architectures for institutions that have compliance requirements for in-house deployments.

It also provides certifications-enabled data center designs to keep up with the quick and ever-changing trends in the industry.

Featured Image: State Minister of Finance Eyob Tekalgn speaking at the launching event on Tuesday.


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