Fuel Prices at the Pump Remain Unchanged for March

ADDIS ABABA – Retail prices for all petroleum products except jet fuel will remain the same for the month of March, the Ministry of Trade & Industry announced Tuesday.

No change has been made to benzene, gasoline, kerosene and light and heavy black naphtha retail prices at the pamp.

The minister, however, revised the retail price to jet fuel in Addis Ababa increasing by 2.69 Birr to 70.60 Birr a liter.

The latest fuel prices will be effective for the next 30 days, starting mid-night today, March 7, 2023

The government, which spends two billion Birr a month to subsidize petrol products, plans to phase out for all but public transport service in June this year to “reflect the international fuel prices”.

The Ministry’s previous fuel price adjustment in January saw fuel prices at the gas stations jump by about 10%.

The state-owned Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise is the sole importer of petroleum products.

The enterprise floats international tenders annually and shipped in 3.7 million tons of fuel at the cost of 72.6 billion Birr two years ago.