Teshome Toga Appointed as Head of Ethiopia’s Rehabilitation Commission

ADDIS ABABA – Ambassador Teshome Toga has been appointed as the Commissioner of the newly established National Rehabilitation Commission of Ethiopia.

Teshome was the ambassador of Ethiopia to China before his latest appointment.

He will now be in charge of the commission tasked to rehabilitate citizens who will disarm and enable them to lead normal civilian life in line with the peace agreement.

The government established the Commission after the council of ministers approved the legislation for its formation on November 12, 2022.

Upon passing the regulation, the PM Office notes establishing the Commission became necessary as part of the government’s push to resolve conflicts in various parts of the country peacefully.

The NRC is tasked to enable members of organized armed groups to reintegrate into society and lead a productive and peaceful life after disarmament.

The commission will create opportunities to reintegrate them with their community to lead normal lives.

Ambassador Teshome has been appointed as Commissioner of the NRC as of today, January 6, 2022, reports the Ethiopian News Agency.

Teshome is among more than a dozen of Ethiopian ambassadors who recently returned to their country after serving their terms in their respective countries of deployment.

Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen praised the ambassadors for their “effective” job in preserving “Ethiopia’s interests, living up to Ethiopians’ aspirations and the country’s rich heritage.”

In response, ambassador Teshome tweeted saying he was “very grateful” for “recognizing our contribution to Ethiopia’s diplomacy, especially in the most challenging period of the conflict”.

“There is no greater honor than representing our great Country in the most populous country, China. Thank you all for your support,” he said.

Apart from his previous role as Ethiopian envoy in various countries, Teshome also served as House Speaker for the lower house of the Ethiopian parliament for five years from 2005 to 2010.

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