Police seize $248, 300 from smugglers

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian police have intercepted nearly a quarter of US dollars in cash from smugglers, reports a state-run news agency Thursday.

The seizure was made in Adama with a joint operations of Oromia Police and the National intelligence and security services (NISS).

Police also arrested two suspects who were trafficking the cash hiding in the dashboard of a private car, according to ENA.

The two men, who began their journey from Addis Ababa, were trafficking the cash to eastern Hararghe.

They, however, were intercepted by Oromia Police in Adama city.

The Police were able to recover a total of 248, 300 US dollars following the search.

Investigation into the case is still ongoing to find possible collaborators in the illicit financial transfer.

Illegal Forex transfer and trade is often blamed for stoking inflation in the country.