EEP Reconnects Mekelle Power Control Center to National Grid

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) says Mekelle city Power Control Center is now reconnected to the national power Grid.

The city has been cut off from the national electric power grid for more than a year due to the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

The city was reconnected to the power grid after the completion of maintenance work on the Alamata-Mehoni 230 kV high power transmission line, EEP says today.

EEP Northeast Region’s experts have led the maintenance and inspection efforts of the power transmission line.

“The resumption of service from the repaired power line will speed up the work to restore electricity supply to the Tigray region,” the state-owned power-producing firm said.

In addition, the firm also said the maintenance work of the Humera-Shire 230 kV transmission line has been completed.

EEP field experts are still working on restoring work on the Tekeze-Axum power line. The transmission line which supplies power from the Tekeze power plant to Shire Town, is heavily damaged in eight areas.