Police Arrest 11 for Illegal Arms Possession, Trafficking

ADDIS ABABA – Police have arrested eleven illegal firearms holders in Addis Ababa and recovered arms and ammunition during a crackdown.

Addis Ababa Police said they recovered a total of 16 hand grenades and 9 pistols along with 84 bullets during searches conducted on three different occasions.

Police said the crackdown on illicit firearms trafficking jointly with the national intelligence and Security Services and with the support of the public.

Four arrests were made in two districts of the Nifas Silk sub-city after 5 pistols and 53 bullets were found in two homes.

Similarly, police held another four suspects and recovered 4 pistols along with 30 bullets and a hand grenade from their home in the Mikileland area of Addis Ketema sub-city.

Police also nabbed 3 suspects in Gulele sub-city after finding 15 hand grenades being trafficked in the hidden compartment of a pick-up truck, licensed with a 5-01928 AA plate number.

Investigation into the illicit weapon holding and trafficking cases is still in progress.

Police appreciated the public’s support in the crackdown on firearms and urged the city’s residents to stay vigilant in protecting their neighborhood from anti-peace elements.

The crackdown on illegal arms holding and trafficking will also be continued, the police added.

Ethiopia’s Gun Law, ratified in 2020, prohibits the possession of weapons without a valid license and outlaws the selling and transferring of any weapon. Illegal bulk sale of weapons is punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment under this law.

Featured Image: Police found at least 15 hand grenades being trafficked in a hidden compartment of a pickup in District 10 of Gullele Sub City [Photo AAP]

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