City to Hold Draw to Transfer 25,791 Condo Units

ADDIS ABABA – The City Administration of Addis Ababa is set to hold the 14th round condominium draw again to transfer over 25, 791 flats to residents.

The Administration’s previous bid to identify winners for the houses failed due to major faults in the lottery system and home seekers database used in the raffle held last July.

Since then, Housing development and administration bureau head Yasmin Wahabirebi said the city took various measures that saw those responsible for the crime face justice.

Simultaneously, she said the administration has managed to develop a secured lottery system together with pertinent bodies and readied additional flats for transfer.

The Information Network Security Administration (INSA) has developed the latest lottery system.

Yasmin said its security has already been checked and tested by a technical committee comprised of experts from Artificial intelligence, Addis Ababa Science and technology university, and the Ministry of Urban Development.

Officials will use the system in the condominium draw slated for Tuesday, November 14, 2022.

Three-bedroom Included =

The previous draw caused confusion among registered residents after authorities failed to include three-bedroom units from the 20/80 housing development program.

Yasmin said 300 three-bedroom flats are now ready for transfer to respond to the request raised by the public.

The flats have increased the total housing units expected to be transferred for eligible residents to 25,791.

Tuesday’s raffle will see 18,930 condo houses for home seekers registered under the 20/80 scheme as well as 6,843 housing units in the 40/60 housing scheme.

Housings development corporation director general Shimelis Tamirat also lists the minimum requirements for eligibility in the raffles and announced their number.

Under the 20/80 scheme, he said those registered in 2005 and saved for 60 months of the required payments will be considered in the draw for studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom condo units.

The draw for three-bedroom condos will involve home seekers registered in 2013 and have deposited the minimum installment in 83 months.

The draw for the 40/60 scheme will also consider registered residents who saved 40% and more until Feb 21, 2022.

The administration audited the data obtained from the bank from the cutoff period until September 19, 2022.

The audit, Shimelis said, has helped to identify 146,892 registered residents eligible for Tuesday’s lottery draw.

A majority of them, 93,352 registered residents, will compete in the draw for 20/80 housing units and the remaining 53,540 will vie for flats built under the 40/60 housing scheme.

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