Grade 12 National Exam Concludes Successfully, says Ministry

ADDIS ABABA – More than 900, 000 students have taken the Grade 12 National Examination, said the Ministry of Education, declaring its successful conclusion on Friday.

The 2022 secondary school exit exam was administered in two rounds.

The first round saw social science students taking the exam last week while the natural science students sat for the exam this week.

The ministry said the two-week long examination ran smoothly and was completed successfully after an unfortunate incident on the first day.

The incident happened at Hawassa University on Oct 10 after a bridge linking the main campus with the Institute of Technology collapsed. It claimed the life of a student and injured 85 others.

“Despite the issues that happened on the first day of the exam for the social science students, the exams have been successfully administered as per its time frame,” the Ministry said in a statement.

This year, authorities changed the exam venues from high schools to public universities to prevent cheating and prevent possible leaks.

The move required them to transport cstudentsloae to a million students and examiners to 133 exam centers across the nation and vice versa.

The students also had to stay at the campus for the entire lifespan of the exam.

According to the Ministry of Education, the students took the exam in a manner that respected the code exam while the hosting universities played a critical role to make the exams a success.

“The entire operation has brought favourable out comes to make the exam process free from cheating and stealing,” it said.

Its officials thanked all involved in the exam process including students’ families, examiners, and supervisors.

The Government Communication Service (GCS) also said this year’s exam process can serve as a benchmark for other national competency assessments.

“It taught a lesson that students at all levels should rely on their own efforts,” the GCS said. “It also assured that the door of fraud is closing in education and life, work and public responsibilities”.


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