Abiy and Al-Burhan Discuss Bilateral, Regional issues

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held talks with the head of Sudan’s ruling council General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan over bilateral and regional issues.

The discussion was held on Wednesday on the margins of the Tana High-level Forum on security in Africa, taking place in Ethiopia’s Bahir Dar City.

PM Abiy welcomed Al-Burhan at the Airport of Bahir Dar city where the two leaders held their first meeting in 100 days.

“We discussed bilateral and regional issues at Bahir Dar, drawing on our countries’ long-standing ties,” said PM Abiy in a tweet.

“It is my belief that we will continue to build on the existing foundations between our countries,” he added.

The two leaders’ last meeting in Nairobi in July 2022 was able to defuse tension after a skirmish at the Ethiopia-Sudan border.

The deadly accident happened after Sudanese forces crossed into Ethiopian territory on July 22, 2022, and clashed with the local militias, escalating border tension.

During his meeting Al-Burhan, Prime Minister Abiy said “we made a commitment for dialogue & peaceful resolution to outstanding issues.”

The land boundary between the two countries extends for 753 km from the tripoint with Eritrea in the north to the tripoint with South Sudan.

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