Customs Seize Contraband worth 80mln Birr, Arrest 2 Suspects

ADDIS ABABA – Contraband items worth over 80 million birr have been seized at various customs branches last week, a federal agency said on Monday.

The seizures took place between August 26 and Sept 1, according to the Ethiopian Customs Commission (ECC).

Over the course of seven days, the EEC said custom officers conducted routine searches as well as raids pursuing tip-offs on contraband trade.

These operations resulted in intercepting 80.5 million birr worth illegal items. Two people were also arrested while engaging in smuggling activities.

Most of the contraband items were intercepted while they were being smuggled into Ethiopia. The ECC put their total value at 73.4 million birr.

The customs officers also prevented 7.1 million Birr worth items from transported out the country illegally.

Among the seized items were clothing, fuel, livestock, electronics, coffee, medicine, vehicles, cosmetics, weapons, khat, narcotic drugs and foreign currencies.

The customs officers conducted the operations against the contraband trade in close collaboration with federal and regional security agencies, said the Commission.

Tip-offs from the public also played a significant role for the success of the operation against contraband trade, its officials added.