French Tech Firms say keen to Work in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – Three French technology companies, ALEPH, ARINC, and THALES have expressed their interest to work in Ethiopia, says the embassy of Ethiopia in Paris today.

The companies expressed their interests during a meeting with Ethiopian Ambassador to France, Henok Teferra, and a delegation led by Dr. Dalasa Bulcha.

The Ethiopian delegation composed of university presidents, G.A Engineering private company, were in France last week on a working visit.

Accompanied by Ambassador Henok, the delegation met with ALEPH Director General, Yannick Rolland, ARINC Managing Director, Alain Marsan, and THALES Strategy and Marketing Identity and Biometric Solutions Vice-President Jean-Claude Perrin on August 25, 2022.

The high tech companies are currently working in different countries on border control, internet surveillance, CCTV camera, digital identity and security.

“Their technology solutions are utilised in many sectors,” the embassy says, stating that the demand for technology in Ethiopia “is high.”

During the meeting, officials of the three tech firms expressed their interest to work in Ethiopia and support the country’s digitalisation and modernisation endeavours, according to the embassy.

The Ethiopian side also stressed the companies’ collaboration with Ethiopia, both with government institutions and private companies like G.A Engineering would be “vital for transfer of knowledge and skills”, as per the embassy statement.

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