Authority Expects $1.8bln Revenue from Coffee Export this year

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia plans to increase its annual coffee export to 360,000 tons and secure 1.8 billion US dollars during the 2022/23 Fiscal year, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority.

The country earned 1.4 billion US dollars from 300,000tons of coffee exported to the international market during the recently concluded 2021/22 Fiscal year.

Apart from measures to tackle illegal trade, the Authority said that selling Ethiopian coffee using its own brand name, (trade mark), coupled with increased volume and quality have helped to get a record high revenue from the sector.

Officials were able to register the national trademark in Japan and are pushing to do the same in Europe and the U.S.

“Coffee product comes from farmers to suppliers and then exporters helped increase quality and avoided wasting products as well as enhanced export coffee quality by 20 percent from previous time,” ETCA Director General Adugna Debela (Ph.D.) told Ethiopian Herald newspaper.

“We are selling coffee through negotiation instead of exhibiting the coffee for sale based on bid as well as creating a special approach to the world market,” added.

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