Ethiopia Secures $4.12 billion Export Trade

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has secured more than 4.12 billion US dollars from export trade in the 2021/22 Ethiopian fiscal year, which concluded on July 8, last week .

The figure has shown a 13.81 percent increase from the previous year’s 3.62 billion US total export revenue, the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration said in a statement on Friday.

The annual earning has, however, fallen short of the annual target trade officials set at 4.63 Billion US Dollars.  

Agriculture commodities have continued to dominate Ethiopia’s export trade, data from the ministry trade shows.

The sector has contributed 72 percent to the total export revenue secured in the just concluded Ethiopian budget year, the ministry said.

The mining and manufacturing sectors have also generated 14 percent and 12 percent of the annual export revenue, respectively. The remaining two percent of the export earnings came from electricity export to neighboring countries, the ministry added.

In terms of specific commodities, Chemical and Construction materials, Tantalum, Coffee, meat and dairy, cut flowers, fruits and vegetables, Foods and beverages, and Parmacitucal products have all outperformed their target for the year.

Khat, pulses, metal and engineering products, and electricity were able to achieve 60% to 99% of the plan. 

Live animals, Gold, leather and leather products are among the commodities that achieved less than 60 percent of the target, the trade ministry said.