“Gray War”: PM Abiy calls for Collective Response

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called for a collective response to a “Gray war” that enemies have waged against Ethiopia through local errand runners and information warfare.

“The current war in Ethiopia has the characteristics of a ‘Grey War’,” PM Abiy said on Thursday while responding to parliamentarians’ questions about the recent massacres committed by terrorists.

“It is an information war,” Abiy said, “The machination is active in spreading the news of despair but is nowhere to be found in spreading the news of development.”

“It is also a war of applying diplomatic pressure on the Government of Ethiopia. It is also destabilizing through local errand runners. The entry points are many to derail us.” 

The PM put OLF-Shene, a designated terrorist group accused of killing hundreds of civilians in western Oromia recently, among enemies’ local errand runners.

“OLF Shene have no objective,” he said, “Their only objective is to destroy Ethiopia.” 

“It is a primary enemy of the people of Oromia as we have witnessed in the vast killings of the people and hindrance of development endeavors. If we fight them in unity, we will be successful.”  the PM added.

Abiy told the parliamentarians that terrorist groups “will not derail us from our set goals”, downplaying accusations that the government does not prioritize peace and security as “incorrect.” 

“It’s important to note that there are many members of our security forces whose lives are forsaken in service to the nation,” he continued. 

“Indeed the role of the Government is to secure its citizens,” he said, “it is also the role of citizens to comply with regulations enacted by the Government.”

The PM also said the government recognizes “what is at play and hence our response is continuing to strengthen the security sector that is independent of ethnic preference, religious preference, political affiliation, and personal gain. 

“There is progress in this regard,” the Prime Minister added.

Abiy’s latest appearance in the lower house of Ethiopian parliament came a day after MPs adopted a resolution to set up a commission of inquiry into recent “inhumane massacres of civilians” in Kellem Wollega zone of Oromia region.