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AU Selects Media Fellows to Advance Agenda 2063 via Storytelling

ADDIS ABABA – African Union (AU) Information and Communication Directorate (ICD) launched a Media Fellowship in a bid to ensure Africa is at the forefront of defining its own narrative and promoting the continents’ development framework Agenda 2063 to the global audience. 

The Fellowship, the Union said, is designed to provide a unique platform for African journalists and content producers to enhance their capacity to reframe the African narrative and promote developmental journalism using new and emerging technologies.

“African journalists and content creators have a key role to play in defining Africa’s narrative and how we want Africans and the world to view the continent,” Leslie Richer, the AU ICD Director, said. 

“The AU Media Fellowship is an investment in the human capital of African journalists and storytellers to further develop their skills and help them maximize their potential to contribute to the continent’s development,” Richer added. 

AU Media Fellows 2022

The ICD selected 15 journalists from the continent and Africans in Diaspora as the first cohort of AU Media Fellows.

The fellows were chosen from over 800 applications based on criteria of innovation and the ability of their pitches to challenge harmful stereotypical narratives and shape new and balanced discourse about the continent, according to the Union.

The selected fellows 2022 are Aissatou Fofana from Cote D’Ivoire, Amira Sayed from Egypt, Areff Samir and Carien Du Plessis from South Africa, Johnson Kanamugire from Rwanda, Jeanine Fankam and Severin Alega Mbele from Cameroun, and Osei Kwame from Ghana.

Yasser Machat from Tunisia, Rivonala Razafison from Madagascar, Cecelia Maundu from Kenya, Sally Nyakanyanga from Zimbabwe, Sadou Alize Mouktar from Niger, Nila Yasmin Faisal from Uganda, and Esther Namuhisa from Tanzania are also among the AU Media Fellows 2022.

‘A platform to promote AU Agenda 2063’

The ICD has partnered with German Corporation for International Corporation or GIZ to implement the Media Fellowship program within the framework of the AU-German initiative, named ‘Citizen Engagement and Innovative Data Use for Africa’s Development (DataCipation)’.

In June 2022, the AU Media Fellows undertook a two-week study tour in Germany starting with training offered by the Deutsche Welle Academy and exchanged views with media professionals, decision-makers, and influencers in politics, education, culture, and civil society at Global Media Forum in Bonn.

Phase two of the study tour will commence with a series of meetings at the African Union Head Quarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia followed by a visit to the African Union Development Agency (AUDA- NEPAD) in South Africa. 

“I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this Fellowship as a platform for promoting Africa’s Agenda 2063 and telling a balanced story about the realities of Africa’s development and the opportunities for promoting socio-economic solutions that are defined and driven by Africans and benefit Africans in the digital age,” said the head of the AU Information and Communication Directorate.