Addis Inaugurates Project to Provide Tap Water to 860,000 Residents

ADDIS ABABA – The City administration of Addis Ababa has inaugurated the phase II Legedadi Ground Water Project that, its officials said, would help solve the capital’s water supply problem.

The facility has a capacity to generate 86,000 meters cubic of water per day,

Officials said the project would address the potable water shortages of 860, 000 residents of the city, particularly those in Yeka and Gulele Sub cities.

“The project would alleviate the drinking water supply problem of the residents of the city,” said Adanech Abeibei, mayor of Addis Ababa, at the inaugural ceremony.

Equally, it will also help to supply enough water to families living around the area where the project is built, the mayor added.

The project is the biggest that Adds Ababa City Water and Sewerage Authority has constructed, to date.

The general manager of the Authority, Zeryhun Abate said the newly inaugurated groundwater project has increased the capacity of the city’s daily water production from 674, 000 cubic meters to 760, 000 cubic meters of water.

The Legedadi Ground Water Phase II Project was carried out with an investment of 4.2 billion birr allocated by the city administration. It was built within the allocated budget and on time, City officials said.