President says Women’s Role Key to Bring Lasting Peace

ADDIS ABABA – President Sahle-Work Zewde has called on women to actively participate in peace and security efforts in order to bring lasting peace in Ethiopia.

Sahle-Work made the call while delivering a speech at the launch of the Ethiopian Women Peacebuilders initiative by the Network of Ethiopian Woman Association (NEWA) on Thursday, according to the office of the President.

In her speech, President Sahle-Work also accentuated the consequence of the lack of peace and its values in the society.

“In order to bring lasting peace,” she said it is not only women’s participation in peace and security that “is crucial” but their organization and cooperation “are also significant”. 

“Peace is not the absence of war,” the President added.

The president’s statement came in the wake of a deadly ethnic-based attack in Gimbi district of the Oromia region that resulted, some reports say, at least 250 civilians. Survivors said it was carried by a group called Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

No official death toll has been disclosed. But some fear it could be high. The government called it “terror attacks”, and vowed to step up the ongoing law enforcement operation in the region.