Ruling Party Sets Directive to Step Up Law Enforcement Measures

ADDIS ABABA– The Executive Committee of the Ruling Prosperity Party (PP) has set a directive for the law enforcement operations against the terrorist groups in different parts of the country to continue, a state-run broadcaster reported today.  

PP’s Executive Committee, which started its regular meeting today, is now discussing various national issues of public concern.

The discussion points reportedly include the ongoing law enforcement measures being carried out by federal and regional security forces.

The meeting comes days after the deadly attack on civilians carried out by OLA-Shene, a group the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist group in 2021. There is no official figure for the death toll in the attacks that occurred in Western Oromia’s Gimbi district. But some reports suggest it could be more than 100.

“The Committee has denounced the inhumane killings of civilians by terrorist groups in different parts of the country,” reported EBC, adding that the EC noted the law enforcement agencies are taking the appropriate measures to demobilize the terrorist groups. 

The operations will be continued as per the decision passed by Ethiopian Security Committee recently. The Executive Committee has passed additional directives to strengthen the law enforcement measures, according to EBC’s report.