PM Abiy Ahmed addressing members of the lower house of Ethiopian parliament in March 2021

Abiy, Demeke Condemn Deadly Attack on Civilians in Gimbi

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and his deputy and foreign minister Demeke Mejonene have denounced the recent attacks on ethnic minorities in Western Ethiopia.

The deadly attack and destruction carried out by OLA-Shene carried out the latest deadly attack occurred in Western Oromia’s Gimbi district on Saturday, according to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

There is no official figure for the death toll in the attacks. But some reports suggest it could be more than 100.

– “Unacceptable” –

Today, Prime Minister Abiy says the attacks on “innocent civilians and destruction of livelihoods by illegal and irregular forces is unacceptable”.

“There is zero tolerance for horrific acts claiming lives recently in both Beninshangul & Oromia regions by elements whose main objective is to terrorize communities,” says the PM adding that restoring peace and security is his government’s “key priority”.

Deputy PM Demeke also expressed condolences to the victims of the terrorist and extremist group attacks on civilians in various parts of Ethiopia.

The group, realizing that it is losing ground due to measures taken against it, has resorted to attacking innocent citizens, Demeke says.

He also says the group “has launched new attacks in Western Wellega, slaughtering civilians including, women and children”, after a failed terrorist attack in the Gambella region.

The law enforcement operations against the group will be strengthened, perpetrators will be brought to justice, and families of the victims will be rehabilitated, the deputy PM added.

Authorities have been carrying out the law enforcement operation in the Oromia region including in areas where the recent attacks on civilians occurrend.

Daniel Bekele, head of the EHRC, has urged authorities to “ensure necessary measures for protection” of civilians, adding “all law enforcement operations should exercise maximum caution” to avoid direct or indirect targeting of civilians.”

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