Greek Community School to Re-register as Non-profit Making Institute

ADDIS ABABA –  Greek Community School in Addis Ababa is set to re-establish itself as a non-profit making institute, according to the Ministry of Education.

The announcement was made following a discussion between education minister Birhanu Nega and the principals of the school on Friday.

The parents’ committee and the principals were in disagreement over a consistent increase in school fees by the school, recently.  This was seen as contradictory to the school’s purpose set when it was established initially.

The ministry of education, the embassy of Greek, members of the greek community, school officials, and parents held discussions to decide on how the school should be run.

The participants eventually agreed that the school could not act as both a private and a community institution.

“Decision has been reached to re-register the school as a non-profit making community school,” announced the ministry after Friday’s meeting.

The Ministry has also given the school until the next academic year to carry out activities in the re-registration process. The activities include auditing the schools’ movable and fixed assets and presenting the auditing report as well as restructuring its administration as per the directive of the ministry of education.

Meanwhile, the school will continue conducting its educational activities, said the ministry, urging the students to remain calm and start attending classes.