Flood Alerts Issued amid Heavy Kiremt Rain Forecast

ADDIS ABABA – The City administration of Addis Ababa has advised residents located in areas vulnerable to flooding to be vigilant during the Kirmet rainy season.

The season, which runs from June to August, is expected to bring above regular rains in several parts of Kiremt rain receiving areas, National Meteorology Agency’s recent forecasts.

The city administration in a statement over the weekend said a survey conducted in all sub-cities was able to identify at least 161 areas vulnerable to flash floods.

Of these, the administration selected 61 areas that are highly exposed to flash floods and is working on several preventive works, the statement says.

However, it said the Meteorology official’s forecast for the Kiremt season shows the rain this year could be relatively heavy and may cause flash floods even in unexpected areas.  

City officials, therefore, urge residents of the city, located near river banks, slopes, and other areas exposed to possible flooding and landslides to remain alert.

Last year, at least seven people lost their lives and properties destroyed in one day after flash floods triggered by heavy rains struck Asko, Adey Abeba Square, German Square, and Golf Club areas of the city.

Similarly, the Ministry of Water and Energy also issued a Flood Watch on the river banks of Abay and the upper Awash river and their surroundings.

Many areas will receive above-normal areas that could cause flash floods, particularly areas near the two river banks, said Temesgen Ketema, River Basin Management team coordinator.

Temesgen said the government has been carrying out various works in flood preparedness and response measures.

Notification and further alerts could also be issued if there is a need to release water from dams, which could either reach their maximum level or nearing full capacity, to the downstream areas.

However, the coordinator said the public should not be distracted and be vigilant, especially those living in areas vulnerable to flash floods.

Featured Image Caption: Flash floods triggered by heavy rains killed at least seven people and destroyed properties in Addis Ababa in August, 2021 [Photo File]