Kidney Transplant & Dialysis Center Opens at Menelik II Hospital

ADDIS ABABA – A public-private partnership has helped Menelik II hospital in Addis Ababa open a kidney transplant and dialysis center.

The center built inside the premises of Menelik II Comprehensive specialized hospital was inaugurated on Monday in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The kidney transplant and dialysis center is the result of a public-private partnership between the Hospital, under the auspices of the Addis Ababa Health Bureau, and YeAb Medical Center.

With a capacity of intaking 90 patients per day at full capacity, the center complies with international standards in the provision of dialysis service.

The facility would particularly cater to sections of society with low to no income, officials said.

Prime Minister Abiy commended the endeavors, stressing that private investments in the health sector are essential to achieve national health sector goals.

He also highlighted that the center is a demonstration of what individuals and groups of people can achieve when responding to their professions and inner calling.

The number of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease has recently been on the rise recently, according to a 2018 Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences research.

The research links the rise with consequences of post-infectious glomerular conditions and with increasing noncommunicable diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

However, the preparedness in facilities, availability of supplies and the cost made Renal replacement therapy (RRT) difficult, the journal published by the College of Health Science of Jimma University,