PM Abiy Heads to Eq. Guinea for AU Extraordinary Summit

  • AU Leaders to discuss Humanitarian Crisis, terrorism & unconstitutional changes of govts

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has arrived in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, today to participate in the African Union extraordinary Summit over the weekend

The AU Extraordinary summit is scheduled to be held for three days, beginning Friday.

The PM and his delegation have arrived in Malabo today following a two-day long working visit to Nigeria.

Upon arrival, Abiy was welcomed by senior government officials of Equatorial Guinea.

The AU Extraordinary Summit is scheduled to deliver on various issues including ways to address the growing Humanitarian crisis, terrorism and unconstitutional Changes of government in Africa.

It will follow th eExecutive Council of the AU foreign ministers who are now preparing the work for the leaders summit.

The Council is considering the Assembly Declaration of the Extraordinary Summit and Pledging Conference as well as the Malabo Declaration on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Africa, according to the AU.

Humanitarian Crisis

The Extraordinary summits are convened at a time when humanitarian needs are growing fast in Africa, driven by increasing climatic shocks, conflicts, impact of Covid-19 and economic slowdowns.

Over 114 million people in 15 most affected African countries require urgent assistance in 2022.

However, “humanitarian response plans have been severely underfunded to cope with the modern-day challenges during the past three years in Africa, and the funding gap remains large,” says the AU.

The Summit and Pledging Conference will deliberate on efforts by African leaders to address the humanitarian challenges that Africa is facing,

The leaders are also expected to identify solutions to address the issues including those that contribute to post-conflict recovery and peace and development nexus.

Increasing Terrorism

At the same time, AU officials say, the Continent continues to witness a proliferation of terrorist groups that threaten peace and security as well as the integrity of the respective states where they operate.

For the first time, the threat has spread to the five regions of the continent, according to the pan African bloc.

It says the dual phenomenon of terrorism and violent extremism undermines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the African State, disrupting the functioning of the government, weakening the social contract, and facilitating the plundering of natural resources.

“The intrinsic link between terrorism, violent extremism and unconstitutional changes of government compounds the challenges,” it says.

The leaders will discuss terrorism and the unconstitutional changes of government on Saturday. They will assess the persistent threats, evaluate current response mechanisms, and decide on the specific actions and measures necessary to strengthen collective security,” the AU added.

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