Local Manufacturer Exports Trucks to Sudan

ADDIS ABABA – Frankun Automotive Engineering, a private vehicle assembler, has exported trucks semi-produced from its Ethiopian maanifacturing plant on Tuesday, according to ministry of industry.

The Private company made the latest export to Sudan after adding at least 50% value to the trucks locally, said the ministry.

Frankun started its business as vehicle importer, before transformed itself to be the sole private truck assembler in Ethiopia, with branch offices in Tanzania and Uganda.

Hundreds of local experts are operating its Sululta plant, which is now manufacturing trucks with a capacity ranging from 128 to 420 Horsepower (hp). At least 60% of the trucks are manufactured locally, its officials said.

To date, the company has produced and handed over 200 trucks for local customers and is now working on 67 orders for cargo trucks, says ministry of industry.

The manufacturer has also exported trucks branded as Frankun to the East African markets, including South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, on fifteen occasions. 

On Tuesday, Industry Minister Melaku Alebel attended a ceremony that saw the company export its trucks for the fifteenth time.

The minister praised Frankun as exemplary, urging local manufacturers to strengthen their capacity to overcome challenges and obstacles and cement their place in the economy.

The government will also provide them the necessary support, said Melaku, calling Frankun a ray of hope in the sector.   

Earlier this month, the government launched the ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ movement which it said would aim to help manufacturers’ production and productivity.

The movement – a part of the 10-year national development plan – aims to address the challenges producers at all levels face during the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing and industry sector is projected to grow from 6.8% in 2020 to 17.2% by 2030, increase its production capacity to 85% from the 50% target, and foreign trade revenue to 9bln US dollars from the current 400mln US dollars from the sector.