‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ Mov’t Aims to Revitalize Industry Sector

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has presided over the launching event for the ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ movement which aims to help manufacturers’ production and productivity.

The movement – a part of the 10-year development plan for the industry sector – intends to address the challenges that producers at all levels confront during the manufacturing process, and increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP. 

Launching the program Prime Minister Abiy urged industries to work tirelessly, stating that the industry requires years of hard work.

“We must be prepared to replicate the successful achievement of the agriculture sector in the manufacturing industry,” he said, adding that the government would provide every support for the manufacturers.

Ethiopia Tamrit, or Let Ethiopia Produce, is a national effort to create a competitive manufacturing industry by solving the challenges of the sector encountered in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

Apart from increasing export revenues, Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel said it aims to help manufacturers to meet the increasing local demand by substituting imports and reducing production costs.

The manufacturing and industry sector is projected to grow from 6.8% in 2020 to 17.2% by 2030, increase its production capacity to 85% from the 50% target, and foreign trade revenue to 9bln US dollars from the current 400mln US dollars from the sector.

 During the launching event Sunday, 81 micro, small, medium, and large scale industrial enterprises were recognized for their outstanding performance in the  sector. 

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