Custom Police Intercept Illegal Goods worth over 92mln Birr

ADDIS ABABA – At least 10 smugglers were apprehended as Custom Police intercepted contraband goods worth more than 92.4 million birr in the past week.

The Ethiopian Customs Commission (ECC) on Saturday said most of the contraband were captured during attempts to smuggle them into the country.

The commission estimated the items’  total value at least 90.8 million birr.

The remaining over 1.5 million birr worth of goods were intercepted while they were illegally transported out of the nation.

At least 10 suspected smugglers linked with the illegal trades have also been arrested in the week-long operation, the Commission said.

Among the ECC’s branches, Moyale, Dire Dawa and Jigjiga were able to seize the majority of contraband goods in the past seven days.

The three, respectively, intercepted contraband goods worth 25.2 million birr, 19.7 million birr and 11.1 million  birr, says the report.

Clothes, petrol, livestock, electronics, coffee, medicine, vehicles, cosmetics, weapons, khat, narcotic substances, and foreign currencies tops the list of seized items.

These contraband items were captured as a result of collaborative effort among customs officers, regional and federal police departments, said the ECC.

Tip-offs from the public have also contributed to the success of their operation, said the Commission, extending its appreciation for all in the fight against illegal trade.