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Ethiopian MRO Begins Converting Passenger Plane to Cargo

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines said its Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations (MRO) wing has successfully launched a project that converts Boeing 767 passenger jets into Cargo.

The Ethiopian MRO launched the project in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The airlines celebrated the milestone on B767 passenger to cargo conversion, the first of its kind in Africa, on Thursday.

This is “another marvelous achievement in our MRO services, which also makes Ethiopian Airlines a pioneer in the continent,” said the airlines.

The Aircraft, it said, will be ready for cargo service after the completion of the full conversion within two months.

Aleligne Admasu, Ambassador of Israel to Ethiopia, joined Mesfin Tasew, Ethiopian Group CEO, and Elan Declayman, Deputy General Manager of IAI, in celebrating the milestone.

The Israeli embassy in Addis Ababa said the project “is yet another great economic venture in the aerospace sector” between Israel and Ethiopia.

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