Yirgalem IAIP Earns $4.4mln from Avocado oil Export

ADDIS ABABA- Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP) has earned more than $4.4 million from avocado oil export, according to its official.

Head of Sidama State Industry Parks Development Corporation, CEO Memeru Moke said the park has earned over $4.4 million since it became operational a year ago.

The earning was gained from the two Avocado oil manufacturing companies that are operating in the park, Melaku told a state-run news agency on Tuesday.

The Industrial park hosts two companies that started processing avocado oil in Ethiopia.

Tradin Organic is the first company in Ethiopia to start processing avocado oil inside its plant at the Yirgalem IAIP. It was joined by WBM Avocado Oil months later.

Over 135,000 avocado farmers benefited after the market ties with the industrial park allowed them to supply inputs, Melaku added.

The park was inaugurated in March, 2021 after the completion of the first construction phase of the park, placed on 294.5 hectares.

Officials say it is now equipped with adequate infrastructure and has plenty of sheds with a total capacity of serving more than 150 companies.

The agro-industrial park currently houses in Avocado oil, honey, milk, coffee and other related processing plants.