Six Killed & 12 More Injured in West Hararghe Car Crash

ADDIS ABEBA – A car accident in West Hararghe zone has killed 6 people and severely injured a dozen more today, police say.

The deadly accident occurred on Sunday morning around 10:00a.m. when an Isuzu truck carrying 16 people along with goods overturned.

Six people have died immediately while 12 others were injured severely due to the crash, inspector Tolosa Goshu of the West Hararghe zone police told FBC.

The injured people have been taken to the nearby Bedeno hospital for treatment.

The Police are hunting for the driver of the truck who fled the scene following the accident.

Investigation into the causes of the deadly traffic accident is ongoing.

However, a preliminary probe indicates that speeding and overloading are the most likely causes behind the severe crash, Police said.

Deadly traffic accidents have become fairly common in Ethiopia which has one of the lowest per capita ownership rates in the world.

Reports blame this on bad roads, reckless driving, a flawed driving license issuance system and lax enforcement of safety rules, among others.

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