Over 1000 Patients Recover from Covid-19

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia on Saturday recorded 22 fresh Covid patients cases while more than a 1, 000 patients recovered from the disease in the past twenty-four hours, the ministry of health said.

So far, 445, 576 patients have recuperated from the disease with the addition of 1097 new recoveries on the day, the ministry’s report noted.

The nation also logged 22 positive coronavirus cases from 5,567 people tested in the reported period.

The report also said four Covid patients succumbed to the virus, pushing the national death toll to 7,504.

There are now 16, 724 confirmed active cases in the nation. Of these, the report said 16 patients are severely sick and are admitted to ICU.

The Ministry of Health is still urging the public to remain vigilant.

However, its vaccine drive is at stand still with the total doses of Covid-19 vaccine given in the nation remaining unchanged at 29.41 million for two consecutive days. The report also put the number of fully vaccinated Ethiopians at 24.5 million.

The East African nation confirmed its first Coronavirus infection in March 2020. To date, it has identified a total of 469,806 cases after conducting 4.67 tests.