Ethio Lease Transfers 5mln Br High-Tech Microscopes to WGGA Eye Center

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Lease, a private equipment leasing firm in Ethiopia, on Saturday transferred high-tech Ophthalmic microscopes to WGGA Eye Center following the successful completion of a leasing agreement.

The transfer of the Ophthalmic Microscopes worth more than 5 million Birr is part of multiple leasing agreements signed by Ethio Lease with medical and diagnostic centers throughout the country.

“Today’s transfer of this state-of-the-art Ophthalmic Microscope is a practical demonstration of the solution our company provides to the private sector,” said Degol Gossaye, CEO of Ethio Lease.

The microscopes enable WGGA Eye Center to provide diagnostics, comprehensive eye examinations and the most advanced vision correction treatments and procedures for eye diseases and disorders.

Dr. Melaku Megistu, General Manager of WGGA Medical Services plc, said the collaboration with Ethio Lease “helped us to increase our productivity and enabled us to be more flexible and creative with our resources.”

“The benefits of this kind of collaboration, specifically in our environment, is immense, needs to be encouraged and supported. We are grateful for our relationship,” said Dr. Melaku.

Ethiopia’s first privately held equipment leasing company has been providing leasing services to address equipment shortages in the agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors, importing hundreds of heavy machinery and equipment over the past two years.

Since its launch, Ethio Lease said it has provided leasing services to address equipment shortages in the agriculture, healthcare, energy, and food processing sectors, including some in manufacturing.

The firm also signed leases worth $25 million since the start of its operations.