Security Camera Thieves Arrested in Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA – Four suspects have been arrested in connection with a security camera theft crime in Addis Ababa, City’s police said on Friday.

In a statement today, the Addis Ababa Police said two suspects broke into the store of CGCOC Group Ethiopia Ltd, a private company based in Lemi Kura Industrial Park, and stole 41 security cameras along with some of their accessories on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

It was, however, 10 days later that the company officials realized that the security cameras were missing and reported the crime to the Police.

Police tracked down and arrested two suspects three days after they received the report, according to the press release.

The Police said the two suspects who allegedly stole the cameras were working at the company as daily laborers.

The stolen items were later recovered from two other suspects who live around Roba Bakery Area of Bole Sub City.

The receivers paid 41, 000 birr to aquire the stolen goods which, police said, has an estimated value of nearly a million birr.

Both the suspected thieves and receivers of the stolen properties are now in police custody and investigation into the crime ongoing, according to the Police report.