Fitsum Discuss Ethiopia’s Devt Plan with World Bank Official

ADDIS ABABA – Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa on Monday held talks with World Bank Group Executive Director, Taufila Nyamadzabo, on Ethiopia’s development plans,

The two sides discussed the ten-year development plan that Ethiopia is implementing.

during the discussion, Fitsum emphasized the importance of not taking the eye away from the development cooperation along with the humanitarian assistance for which “the Ethiopian Government and people are grateful”, MoPD said.

The Bank is one of the major financial institutions in Ethiopia that supports the government’s priority development projects in areas of health, road, clean water, sanitation, food security endeavors and more.

Apart from Fitsum, Nyamadzabo also met with Ministry of health Dr. Lia Tadesse on Monday.

The two conferred on the long-standing partnership between Ethiopia and the Bank that has helped to strengthen the nation’s health system, according to the health minister.

“We have discussed on strengthening our collaboration to tackle current challenges in emergency response, recovery and reconstruction, Nutrition, Maternal & Child Health, PHC and other priorities,” said Dr. Lia. “I sincerely thank World Bank for its continued support and partnership.”