Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Removes 2,574 Members from Leadership Role

ADDIS ABABA – Prosperity Party has removed 2,574 members from the leadership positions following a pre-conference evaluation, its vice President Adem Farah said.

Its official said the Prosperity Party (PP) took the corrective measures against members who failed to meet its criteria in order to cement the party’s internal unity and better serve the interests of the public.

Speaking to the press Tuesday, PP’s Vice president Adem disclosed that the party evaluated a total of 108, 258 in leadership positions.

The evaluation, he said, took professional ethics, service delivery and personality, and effectiveness and other standards of competence into consideration.

Accordingly, a range of corrective measures were then taken against 10, 658 party leaders.
About 2,574 of them have been removed from leadership positions, said PP’s Vice president.

The decisions would enable the party to effectively carry out the responsibility entrusted to it by the public, he added.

The party will cascade a coordinated plan at all levels in regions and hold discussion with the general public to address challenges from the grass-root levels, he added.