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Universities urged to Enhance Research Ties with their Indonesian Counterparts

ADDIS ABABA – Indonesian Ambassador to Ethiopia has called for more cooperation between higher institutions of the two countries in knowledge and technology transfer.

The Ambassador Al Busyra Basnur made the call while making a keynote speech at the Annual National Research Conference held for two days at Ambo University starting Friday.

According to the Ambassador, Economic theory and practice have taught us that technological progress is what drives economic growth.

Growth generates the wealth that allows us to achieve our social objectives, such as poverty reduction, reduced infant mortality, or improved educational services, he said.

“Therefore, research projects, technology development and innovation are very important,” said Indonesia’s top diplomat in Addis Ababa to Ethiopia.

Around 400 participants from Ethiopian universities, government officials and research institutions attended the annual conference held for the 8th time this year.

– Ready to Facilitate –

In his address, Ambassador Basnur stressed that international collaborations and partnerships between academia are also crucial.

It leads to improved relevance and usefulness of the research, greater trust within communities, as well as encouraging the transfer of knowledge and technology between partners, he added.

Some universities in Indonesia have already entered into agreements with a number of Ethiopian universities in various fields of research.

“I hope many more Universities in Ethiopia and Indonesia establish cooperation and sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further enhance the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Ethiopia, for a successful development of our two countries,” said Ambassador Al Busyra.

The Ambassador told the conference that he is also ready to facilitate the signing of more MoU and exchange of visits between Ethiopian and Indonesian counterparts.

The annual conference was conducted under a theme, Research, Indigenous Knowledge and Technology Transfer: Nexus to Improve Livelihoods.

Ethiopia is very rich in different indigenous knowledge and systems in areas such as agriculture, architecture, and cottage industry.

“Those indigenous knowledge just needed to be further identified, studied, and utilized to improve the livelihood and welfare of the Ethiopians, the African, and people of the world, as you already did very well,” Ambassador Basnur concluded his address.


Featured Image Caption: Ambassador Al Busyra Basnur delivering a keynote speech at 8th Annual National Research Conference, held at Ambo University