Ethiopia Confirms 3 Covid Deaths as Vaccine Rate Continues to Climb

ADDIS ABABA – The number of first Covid-19 vaccine shots administered in Ethiopia has reached 25.85 million as the virus claims 3 more lives on Friday.

The Ministry of health, which started offering the vaccine to the public in March 2021, stepped up its vaccine drive in mid February with a second phase campaign.

Within weeks, the second round drive has increased the vaccine shots given in the nation from 10.9 million to 25.85 million.

Nearly 418, 000 of the total doses given have been administered in the past twenty-four hours, the Ministry of health report claims.

About 21.2 million Ethiopians have also been fully inoculated, reports the ministry whose officials said over 92,000 booster vaccine shots have also been given since the start of the second round vaccine drive.

Health authorities are still urging the public to get the vaccine shot and observe the health protocol including wearing facemasks to keep themselves safe from the deadly virus.

In the past 24-hours, the acute respiratory disease has claimed the lives of at least three people, pushing the fatality toll to 7,476.

The report also confirms 45 new infections from close to 6,000 people tested in the reported period.

There are now 41,224 confirmed active Covid-19 cases in the East African nation. At least 78 of them are severely sick, says the report.

As many as 200 patients have recuperated from the disease in the reported period, bringing the recovery tally to 420, 193.

Ethiopia confirmed its first Coronavirus case in March 2020. Since then, it has identified 468, 895 infections from nearly 4.53 million tests conducted.

The total cases confirmed so far puts Ethiopia among the most affected African countries next to South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.